Alpha Defender!

Matt and Thor’s book! Yes, “Matt” is a female. For those of you who read Alpha Contender, these two were the ones I got the most emails about and requests for. I hope you enjoy their action packed, fairly steamy story. These were fun characters to write. .99 or through KU right now.
Alpha Defender


10 thoughts on “Alpha Defender!

  1. Terry
    I loved this book because it’s the Alpha Contender series that got me hooked and made me a fan!!!! More please, I finish this book in a day and can’t wait yo read about Lock, Fifi, Asher, Bradley, Tim and Tom…..
    I hope there will be more been romances and bbw romances, I really love your work.


  2. Totally loved your alpha male and femal stories. I was wondering if their will be a story on Thors brother Lock and if I’m reading things right Fifi??..


  3. Have read all the Alpha books you’ve got at the moment and was wondering if we’ll get Fifis book and Locks book i kind of want to see them happy hell maybe even a menage with both Lock n Fifi sharing an Alpha female 😉


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