Hawes’ story is finished! :’)

Wow! I’m sorry I’m behind on comments and fan mail. I’ve been trying to go as fast as possible to get the last part of Hawes’ story finished and edited so you fans weren’t left with him in the ring.  I’ll be trying to catch up and answer you all back and approve your comments over the next couple of days! On to Lindon’s story next! Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter!



Hawthorne’s Story

Hi there! I’ve been hard at work on Hawe’s story, which involves lots of action and a sexy MMA shifter.  Yum! Hawe’s never fails to make me laugh and I’m glad that he has met up with a girl who can handle him.   I also love the cover! The link is here for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  I’m hoping to have the next out this weekend if possible. Depends how fast my editor and proofreader can work!